Wednesday, July 21, 2010

e Bay

EBay is quite challenging, even though my friend Linda is very successful at it, and very supportive to me. She suggested a book to me the other day, Three Weeks to eBay Profit. Turned out I had a book by the author, Skip McGrath, already, and thought it was worthwhile .

 So I went to his website, and realized Skip McGrath, was known to me as Harry McGrath. He and Karen and their boys lived next door to me for years.




I ordered it today, stay tuned!


  1. Hi Kathy!

    I'm so glad you found us. It really is a small world! I always knew that my husband had a duel personality... and the names to go with it. I married Harry, lo so many years ago and BAM! He became Skip. Long story there. We'll have to chat.

    BTW, you would love some of the gardens up here in the San Juan Islands! Loads of rhodies and whole fields of lavender. Check out a couple of sites for a little tour for my favorite gardens near here:

    Chris and his lovely Northern Yorkshire bride were married at the Gazebo in the center of a sea of roses at the La Conner Flats, a very unlovely name for a drop dead gorgeous garden.

    We'll want to know more about Sara's wedding! Please give her our very best, and to all of your family. If you ever make the trek out to the Pacific NW, you'll have a place to stay at the McGrath's. We'd love to see you!

    Karen & what's his name...

    PS Also check out the bio on Harry's aka Skip's website. There's more to that story too involving Chris introducing us to this thing called eBay by maxing out one of my cc's thru multiple purchases of comics when we arrived here. Much, much more to that story... will need an adult beverage to explain in detail when we see you next.

  2. Karen, I just saw this a minute ago! My blogging skills need work. Talk to you soon, but first, I'm checking out those links you gave me.