Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working From Home in the Rain

Another gloomy wet day here, another day reminding me of why I wanted to work at home, where it is warm, and there is plenty of tea.

There is always a lot to do, when you think about it. I have eBay, and things sitting around waiting to be photographed and listed. There are stacks of books, some for eBay, some for Amazon, some for Cash 4 Books. This last is the easiest, and also of course a little less lucrative than the others. No pain, no gain! On the other hand, you look up the book and find out exactly what they'll pay before you do anything else, so it's a sure thing.

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But if you are like me, and have books accumulating all over, most of which haven't been read in years, it is a win/win.

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