Monday, November 1, 2010

Make Holiday Cash Right Now

The holidays are on their way, both the most expensive of times and the most lucrative. The time of year when people want to show their love with "stuff" is an opportunity for anyone who would like to make some quick money right from home.
One way to get started quickly and without cost is to become an Amazon seller and/or associate. You can sign up right on their site, and they are very supportive with tutorials, live chat and just generally getting you started. Unlike eBay, who charge a listing fee, you don't pay Amazon until your item sells. They are an excellent place to sell books and movies, new or used.
If you have some books, say, that you'd like to sell, take some time to look them up on Amazon. See what the price range is,and condition of your competition. Check out the shipping options, remember the item has to be well packed, and weigh all the costs, including your time, when setting the price. 
If you don't have anything to sell, you can sign up as an associate and sell stuff for Amazon, for a small commission. This is good if you have a list, a blog or website, an e mail signature, or other way to market. The benefit is, you are just a middle man. You don't send sold merchandice or collect money. It's worth looking into, but the main thing is to take some action. It is easy to sit and think of ways to make some money, but if you never try anything, you'll never make a dime. Get started in your home based business today, there will never be a better time. 
As always, there is help available, to help you succeed even faster.

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