Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fairy Gardens

Just before Christmas, I received a gift certificate for one of my favorite markets. I was enjoying shopping for holiday food when I spotted an interesting display. It was a collection of miniature gardens and accessories. Little pergolas, bird baths, rustic fencing and gates, benches, paths, all set off in containers  with small plants.

Thinking ahead to the January blues, I indulged myself with a fairy garden kit. Then on Christmas, my son gave me a bonsai kit, with seeds for little pine trees and moss. I have a lot of moss outside, and for once it is not covered in snow this time of year. That will be useful as I have never grown moss from seed, and wonder how easy it is. I can see a busy winter working on little gardens. They certainly have to be more manageable and less back strain than the outside version. 

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