Friday, June 25, 2010

Break from the heat

It has been very, very hot lately, so to sit here this morning in the cool, with the windows open, is a treat. Not for long though, there are many things to do while the weather is so energizing. I didn't do any weeding, dead heading, etc for the last few days, watering was about all I could manage. And then then only when absolutely necessary.
Oh, I did plant some more pumpkin seedlings, as the squirrels through out most of the first batch. I started them in a new spot, in the back, where the yard was all dug up for our septic problem last month. Plenty of room there! The soil, as it used to be a lawn, is more or less just fill. So starting from scratch, I dug a hole for each peat pot I planted, adding some compost, a handfull of dead leaves, and after backfilling I topped each off with some peat moss.
That was how I turned the front into a good garden, bit by bit supplementing the soil with organic stuff. Works like a charm, over time. The leaves, and some vegetable peelings, break down into nice friable soil. Easy to plant, and the plants thrive.

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