Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grow the Good Life, or How About Some Fresh Mint for that Mojito?

Has anyone else noticed that food is getting pretty expensive? It irritates the heck out of me to pay a couple of dollars for a bunch of dill, knowing that it can be grown all season with a pack of seeds for the same price or less.  If you purchase a pack of seeds each week when you do your grocery shopping, by planting time you'll have an impressive selection, and it will  seem almost free.  A small patch of herbs goes a long way, and the flavor is never quite as delicious as when you have just brought some inside.

One problem with people starting veggie gardens can be the experts. They try to be so thorough, covering all that can go wrong, that the process seems intimidating. It's a little like thinking about getting pregnant, and preparing by reading up on learning disabilities and childhood illnesses.

So this new book by Michele Owens is refreshing. Michele is a blogger on one of my favorite blogs, Garden Rant. She puts perspective back in the garden, and shows the newbie how very possible, and affordable, it is to grow some fresh food for yourself.

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