Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1

Today is the first day of March, it's not a moment too soon to start planning your spring garden chores. And doesn't that sound like fun! Well not so much, but it's always worth the trouble.

There is probably not a garden anywhere that couldn't use some compost. This does not have to be a big messy deal. A few carrot scrapings and onion ends can be buried in a flower bed, where they quickly decompose into the soil, improving nutrients and texture. Tea bags, coffee grounds, kitchen waste of all sorts, well, no animal waste. No animal waste should be in compost, ever. It smells bad, decomposes poorly, and attracts pests, even coyotes. But small amounts of veggie peelings, shredded paper,  and other plant based material get added to my chopped up autumn leaves daily. The chopped leaf pile is under a window, so I can dump my kitchen bowls easily all winter long. As soon as I can get back there without wading through snow, I'll start turning it over. I'll add soil from last year's pots, if I didn't do it last fall. I can always get a bucket or two of friable black compost when needed. It makes a big difference in how easily the garden grows, and how productive it is.

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