Saturday, February 26, 2011


I saw a picture on Facebook, and followed the link to one of the most interesting garden sites I've come on in a long time, Simply Succulents

Simply Succulents is a nursery and online store, among other things. They apparently specialize in succulents, and use them with an artistry that is inspirational. At least to me! I researched some more about succulents as art, and came on a Martha Stewart article along the same line. It turned out to be Simply Succulents that was featured. If you can impress Martha, you are good.

So I went outside on a warmish day, and in a sunny, thawing spot I could reach some of my succulents. I brought them in and repotted them. Babying them is my gardening fix for late winter. I have a pretty good selection myself, and want to try some ideas I had, thanks to the above. You can purchase the completed project, just the plants, or the plants plus project materials. The price is reasonable enough, given the value. I can hardly wait for my stuff to grow enough to be half that interesting. These have some new roots, after a week or so of warmth, attention and generally just not being buried in snow anymore. So I cut them and planted them in another pot, with another sedum.
Stay tuned!

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