Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day, Indoor Gardening

I think it safe to say the groundhog will not see his shadow today, and if I though winter might be over in six weeks, that would be good enough. Right now it feels as if it has been snowing, sleeting and just generally freezing for months. Well it has.
So working on my houseplants is as close to nature as I personally care to get today. They certainly need it. I pull off dead leaves, cut back leggy branches, and give them all a soaking, in sink or tub, depending on size.I use the hose to simulate rain, wet them down well, let them drain awhile, repeat. They look so much better, quickly. It really should be done once a week, when possible. Plants get so dry in the house over the winter. They are much more attractive after a shower. Aren't we all?

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