Monday, May 21, 2012

The wild roses are blooming, and the air smells sweet. Along the roads and into the woods, white and purple phlox are rampant. Too bad the weeds are also thriving!

I planted seeds, zinnia, basil, cosmos, dill, marigolds and others, I'm sure. I plant them all in about a week, so sometimes I forget about them, which makes for a fun surprise. As long as I mark the places where seeds are, so I don't overplant them with something else, it's all good. The marigolds and basil are planted along one of the long sides of the pool area, with the cherry tomato plants. I use old stocking strips to tie the tomatoes to the chain link fence. This both supports the plants and hides the ugluy fence. The zinnias, cosmos and dill grow to around four feet, so the will (hopefully) cover the other sides of the fence. They are just beginning to pop up. It is pouring rain right now, which is good after several hot sunny days, next post I'll have pictures of their progress.

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