Monday, January 19, 2009

Earth Worms and Compost

It is a little sad, what makes my heart beat faster, this time of year. There is of course a lack of gardening articles available this time of year, but I can always find something. This week I found a hymn of praise for earth worms, I can't remember where. These homely little creatures are a great resource for the soil. They move through, breaking it up, and leaving behind their casings, which are great for the soil and the compost heap. I only started composting last year, so I'm really excited about the black gold waiting for me under the pile of chopped up leaves, vegetable peelings, spent container soil, and anything else I found that seemed appropriate. It all breaks down together, and slowly, over the months, becomes this beautiful, friable black garden soil. A big improvement over the rocky soil that made up most of my yard. I have been slowly improving my dirt for years, with peat moss, chopped up leaves, and other supplements.

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