Monday, January 12, 2009

Planning ahead

There are so many small practical things to do now, while I can't actually work outside much. There has been snow on the ground for weeks, good for the perennials trying to survive the bitter cold. More plants die from being dried out than being actually frozen, the snow really is a moist protective blanket for them.

So I dig out my notes from last season, and make lists. Lists of plants to buy, like a mandevillea for the deck, I've had no luck with overwintering mandevillea.. Estimates of mulch, river rock, zinnia seeds, estimates that will change a dozen times before actual purchase. But it cheers me up to plan for my spring garden, for my summer annuals, for the new neighborhood herb garden I'm installing in my front yard. The change of seasons, like the phases of the moon, can be counted on.

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