Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow? Again?

It is hard to make plans these days, the weather is always screwing things up. In my job, we are always putting together events, which is maddening in winter.

So, since there is not always much else to do, I am planning my seed purchases, courtesy of my Burpee catalog. I love the way Burpee sends it along every year, a day or two before Christmas. I put it in my room and wait until I have time for it, days later. As I go through it, I want something from every page. Sometimes more than one thing. I (now) know better than to go wild ordering. For one thing, Burpee seeds are cheaper in Home Depot than from their own catalog. For another, seeds are not always easy to grow. Some annuals, like marigolds, are easy. Some perennials are, too, but it is usually faster to get cuttings or self sown plants.

But still, there is hope in just seeing the catalog, along with the extra minute or so of daylight we are gaining. Winter won't last forever, life will get easier again. So thanks, Burpee.

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